Last week a swarm of movie fans on UNU took one look at the nearly four-minute theatrical trailer for THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS and decided the movie was going to be a hit. Of course, the much-hyped eighth installment in the long-running franchise was probably guaranteed to do well, thanks to the saturation level placement on theater screens and expensive marketing campaign. What the UNU Swarm did last week, though, was not just predict a hit. UNU predicted Fate would outstrip even lofty industry expectations. After a record-setting weekend, it’s safe to say UNU was on to something.

This weekend brings no blockbusters to the big screen for national release, but there are two films opening on over 2,000 screens nationwide and this week’s UNU Movie Swarm watched the trailers for both films. The first movie features Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson in a tale of a love triangle gone very bad in the thriller, UNFORGETTABLE. The group then also considered the controversial historical drama, THE PROMISE.

The chart above shows that the two movies produced two very different reactions from UNU. The group saw Unforgettable as a pretty forgettable film. They found the story boring, and didn’t seem to connect with any of the characters or plot. They also saw the movie to be of medium quality for its given genre. Overall, UNU got the impression that this is a competently, but unimaginatively filmed movie. It’s no wonder that the group thought Unforgettable  might struggle a bit at the box office.

UNU took a much different view of the The Promise, a historical period piece set in the final days of the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian Genocide. The swarm was captivated by the story and found the film to be of high quality and epic scope. The swarm felt a strong emotional response to the film, and combined with these other factors, rated it as likely to over-perform industry estimates of a $3m weekend. One other factor that may affect the box office for The Promise. The subject matter of the movie has raised some ire in Turkey, and caused online user “review bombing” at sites such as IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. When asked if this controversy would help or hurt the film’s revenue prospects, the UNU Swarm expressed the long-held view in Hollywood that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

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