On August 3, the Boston Globe assembled a group of baseball fans who used UNU to predict the eventual participants in the Major League Playoffs. This challenge was issued in the same spirit as Tech Republic’s Kentucky Derby challenge, and readers of this blog know how that turned out. You can see the full list of the MLB predictions recorded for the Globe in the original article here: BOSTON GLOBE.

At the time, David Baltaxe, Chief Information Officer of Unanimous AI, described the Swarm’s goal in these terms,“the swarm may not be 100 percent perfect, however, it is almost always better than the average individual who participates and in that way, the swarm is amplifying the intelligence of the participants.”

And yet…the Swarm was perfect in identifying the final 8 teams remaining after the Wildcard games. In fact, the Swarm was within a single Cardinals’ victory of naming all 10 teams who would compete in postseason play. Forgive us if we celebrate that one just a little…


That’s the power of Swarm Intelligence! As the Boston Globe notes, possibly wearied by the election season, “not all predictions are useless.” You can read more about the results of those predictions in the Boston Globe’s follow up article here: Boston Globe.

If you’d like to harness the power of Swarm Intelligence for your group, drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you…