Swarm A.I. Produces Staggering Return on Thursday Picks

Yesterday, the UNU NHL group published its picks for the 10 games to be played on Thursday night across the league. You can see a full rundown of those picks here on the blog, or just check out the chart below. As you can see, the games were ranked by confidence, giving the sort of insight you’d need if you want to try and beat Vegas.

And beating Vegas is exactly what we’re trying to do here. Well, what we’re showing is that thinking together as a Swarm A.I. will amplify the intelligence of any group, and it just so happens that sports like hockey, the English Premier League and the NFL are a great test bed to prove that. Here’s what it looks like when the Swarm picks a winner.

So, what would have happened if you had taken the Swarm’s advice yesterday? How about 25 bucks into more than $200? $4 into 100? That’s exactly what we did when the Swarm picked 8 winners in 10 games. And as you can see, it paid off handsomely.

Of course, those wins didn’t come without drama. The Los Angeles Kings needed two 3rd period goals to force overtime before winning in a shootout, and Montreal waited until the final nine seconds to pull ahead of Nashville. But the returns speak for themselves.

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