It’s been an eventful week in the Premier League. Thanks to a full schedule of midweek games, by the end of this weekend all teams will have played three matches in a span of eight days. Combine that with the travel demands of players returning from international play and all teams are feeling the burn in the middle of one of the most difficult stages of the Premiership season’s grind.

That’s just one of many considerations an UNU Swarm needs to be mindful of. While it might be true that deeper teams will be better equipped to handle so many games in a compressed span of time, other factors also merit consideration.  The motivation of using the final seven or eight games to make significant moves in the standings remains strong for many teams.

An interesting result on the chart above is Chelsea sitting in our “Best Bets” category, despite a 78% brainpower. It’s an intriguing matchup for the league leaders this weekend. Bournemouth enters this game playing some of their best football of the season, coming off a tie against Liverpool. That may have given the swarm some momentary pause, but then the replay shows the magnets rapidly coalescing behind a two-goal margin prediction of a Chelsea win. The combination of that goal margin, the $100 confidence, and the swarm making this match their Pick of the Week was enough to put it at a high confidence level.

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